If You Have Been Losing Money And Struggling In Forex Trading, This Could Be The Most Important Letter You Ever Read As I Am About To Reveal -

My Under-Rated Approach Which Made Me Profits Consistently Whether The Market Goes Up Or Down

Dear Friend, 

Whether you just started or have been trading Forex for some time but unable to profit consistently, you certainly need to read this. 

Knowing your time is precious, I am going straight to the point. 

Whatever you know or think you know about Forex, you are wrong and have been lied to if you are still not profiting consistently. 

Though there are many Forex courses out there, most gurus are just teaching theory while others only gave limited time access to their live trading sessions and results in return for more money on top of what what you already paid for their courses. 

If that is not bad enough, that also does NOT include your capital you need to deposit with brokers in order to start trading. 

Even if there are experienced ones with their so-called community of team members, their methods are either too complicated, overwhelming with various strategies and indicators. 

That are extremely hard for beginners to even understand let alone follow.

Or their training videos only focused on core basics which you can find many free ones on Youtube, Udemy or TikTok.

Upon reading this, you may be wondering -  

How Can This Be? 

Why Will They Do That?

Instead of answering those, let me throw you back these questions. 

How Can This Not Be? 

Why Will They Not Do That? 

Truth being said, most gurus teaching are not just traders but marketers. 

In other words, they don't just make their money from trading since sometimes they win trades and other times they don't. 

But from selling courses to people like you and me. 

And I know these, having been into online marketing myself for a decade before I ventured into trading last year at time of writing this. 

Quite frankly, if they tell you everything you need to know to make money FREE, will you still want to invest into their courses?

Maybe  or maybe not.

Whichever your answer may be, making consistent returns on your investment is the ONLY thing that matters. 

Whether it be Forex or other investments.

Hi, my name is Amuro Wesley. 

I have been running online businesses for 13 years now but in the last 3 years since pandemic, I have taken a keen interest in exploring and learning investments especially Crypto and Forex. 

For Crypto, due to downturn last year at time of writing this but still holding on to my coins, I decided to KIV for time being. 

As for Forex, after I started trading for a year now, I discovered 4 likely outcome scenarios that held people back from profiting to the fullest potential, cut losses too early or worse even give up Forex trading, thinking the whole thing is a scam.

4 Likely Outcome Scenarios

Here are 4 likely outcome scenarios I discovered and you probably experienced yourself as  well. 

1. Your trades reached all the way to Take Profit or TP which is exactly what we traders all want and why we traded in the first place. 

2. Your trades reached all the way to Stop Loss or SL which is what we all don't want as traders but cannot avoid due to market volatility. 

3. Your trades look to be in blue profits but after market reversal due to major news events from countries you traded, they turned red and hit Stop Loss or SL and 

4. Your trades look to be in red losses but after market reversal due to major news events, they turned blue and hit Take Profits or TP faster than you anticipated. 

Here is the truth. 

Out of every 10 trades I took on average, only 2 or 3 go exactly the way I want. 

From entry all the way to Take Profit price. 

That leaves the other 7 or 8 in other 3 scenarios.

Having watched live TikTok and Youtube videos as well as listening to podcasts and reading online forums,  I heard either 1, 2, 3 or all these problems being brought up by traders - be they beginners, intermediates or even pros.  

Were Those What You Also Have Been Experiencing In Your Forex Trading So Far?

Those Were What I Did And My Results After Trading Last Year.

I started the first 2 trades - USD-JPY and GBP-USD well on Friday midnight just before weekend, winning $28.29 in profits but in the next 4 and subsequent trades,  I gave the money back to markets. 

Upon listening to traders' podcasts and interviews on 2 prominent traders' Youtube channels I have been following since start of 2023, I discovered I was not the only one facing this problem. 

As I was noting down while compiling my trades journal on one weekend, I keep asking myself: 

Is There 1 Complete Trading Strategy That Can Eradicate All These 4 Likely Outcomes And Allows Me To Trade Confidently And Most Importantly, Profit Consistently?

During a shower in hotel room I booked during Chinese New Year holidays and reflecting on my trading journal, what traders and brokers said in interviews on those Youtube channels and membership course I joined, I discovered a loophole. 

That was largely ignored by most traders due to emotions of fear, greed and ego having been influenced by their peers to prove them wrong. 

A loophole, that when thinking logically and clearly, became the solution. 

But as much as I want to claim this as my solution, it did not come from me. 

It was first initiated by now defunct-MLM company my friend recommended me in 2019 on Forex trading but because the management and trading team did not use proper risk management, they blew up clients' accounts, clients complained to authorities and the company fell during investigations and never recovered again. 

Combining what I learnt about risk management from my mentor with what that company is doing , I began setting up another live trading account and implemented that strategy in both accounts. 

Here are my results so far at time of writing this. 

It started out with me taking very small lot sizes of 0.01 or just 1% of my 2 live accounts capital. 

Then subsequently over the next 5 to 6 months, with profits and losses in between, I increased my lot sizes gradually. 

Eventually, my small accounts grew and I was able to make withdrawals with peace of mind to do what most people do. 

Paying bills and supporting my family. 

With that said, I like to introduce my system I came up with to trade so that you can too copy and achieve the same results for yourself and loved ones. 


Here Is What You Will Be Learning:

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To Your Forex Success!

Amuro Wesley

Income Disclaimer:

Like all investments, Forex Trading comes with huge potential rewards and losses from time to time. 

In order to profit, you must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest long-term. 

Do NOT trade with capital you cannot afford to lose especially with leveraged instruments such as Forex trading, futures, options and stocks trading. 

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